Aerial Cinematography Reel 2017

There is something absolutely magical about flying drones.  They extend your abilities in ways few tools can.  The types of shots you are able to capture are just pure magic.  When it is just you and your drone and you are looking at this little screen, seeing what the drone sees and you are hundreds of feet in the air, there just isn't anything like it.  In the above reel, there are shots from some of my recent excursions.  Shark Fin Cove was one of the most unreal places I have ever been to, and to be able to buzz the top of the rock in that way was unreal.  I watch that clip over and over and can still feel the sensations felt that first time flying over it.  The Hollywood sign is actually quite accessible.  You just ride your motorcycle up some private streets and walk down a path that puts you right at the foothill to the hill where it is located.  The orchards of central California are some of the most geometrically aligned examples of nature I have ever seen, and they go on for days.  Flying straight down one of those narrow rows was a little nerve wracking, but thank goodness no crashes were had and an amazing shot exists to tell the story.

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